Discover Your Market in Africa

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Follow Email Africa is the world’s second-largest and most-populous continent, accounting for about 15% of the world’s population. Africa has experienced remarkable economic growth since 2000, due to its abundant natural resources and robust demand for consumer goods and services from a growing middle class. It is time to discover your market in Africa. Many products from most African countries are eligible for duty-free entry...

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Discover Your Market in Asia

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Follow Email Asia is the largest and most populated continent on Earth. It currently holds 60% of the world’s population. Today, there are 525 million middle class consumers; by 2030 that number is expected to rise to 3.2 billion, more than 8 times the expected size of the U.S. market at that time. By 2030, some estimate, five of the world’s twenty largest economies will be in Asia. It is time to discover your market in Asia. The...

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Discover Your Market in the Americas

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Follow Email With the population of the Latin American & Caribbean region comprising 9% of the world’s population and containing three of the world’s fastest growing emerging economies, it is time to discover your market in the Americas. The large and consumer-driven U.S. market is undoubtedly the favored destination in the Americas. At the same time, about 96 percent of the world’s consumers and two-thirds of the world’s...

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“Made in the World”: What’s Behind the Label?

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Follow Email In an earlier post, “Made in the World”: What’s Behind the Label” we discussed the challenges of determining exactly where in the world a product is made. Today’s global supply chains mean that many companies source their inputs from and divide their operations across several countries to maximize efficiency and to minimize costs.  Meanwhile, labeling laws require that products carry a label – “Made in X”. X...

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Food Importers – Educate U.S. Customs About Your Products!

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Follow Email My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Jamaica. As this is where we grew up, we returned laden with several food products that would allow us to continue to experience Jamaican cuisine ever so often. Everything we imported was allowable. However, the airport customs agents carefully prodded and poked our parcels before we were allowed to leave with them. This experience reminded me of a statement from an audience...

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Trade Watch 2015

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Follow Email Trade Watch 2015 lists some key issues to watch out for in the trade arena this year: US-Cuba Relations: President Obama has announced a slight easing in its trade policy towards Cuba. The embargo remains in place (that can only be lifted or changed by US Congress). However, effective January 16, 2015, new regulations are in place to implement the announced changes. Look out for how the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)...

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