DevelopTradeLaw, LLC was founded by Andrea M. Ewart, Esq. to provide custom-tailored legal and business solutions to companies doing business internationally. Andrea is an experienced international trade and customs attorney and policy advisor. She is a critical thinker who brings precision, thoroughness and passion to serving the interests of her clients. A happy and satisfied client is her primary goal, making her a trustworthy partner for your business.

Operating DevelopTradeLaw, LLC since 2003, Andrea has counseled and represented the interests of businesses, governments, and entrepreneurs on a wide range of issues affecting international trade including customs law and enforcement, U.S. export control laws, U.S. trade sanctions, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the use of preferential trade programs to minimize trade costs and support market expansion, and contractual support for international transactions. She is particularly interested in providing legal advice and support to start-ups and other companies entering international business.


  • Outside counsel on export control — “deemed” exports —  issues to major U.S. corporation;
  • OFAC mitigation submissions; OFAC compliance policy documents;
  • Successful filing of U.S. Customs petitions and protests;
  • Work on customs compliance and export control manuals;
  • Analysis of impact of trade preferences on specific imports;
  • Preparation of contracts to support international transactions;
  • Consulting assignments for foreign governments and regional organizations on such issues as:
    • Analysis and application of WTO agreements, regional economic integration and free trade agreements
    • Assessment of a country’s legal and regulatory framework for consistency with WTO commitments and other international treaty obligations
    • Policy, legislative/regulatory, institutional and infrastructural components of trade facilitation
    • Legislative and regulatory drafting to implement WTO and other international treaty commitments and to create an internationally competitive business environment.
    • Trade policy development and trade negotiation
    • Delivery of workshops and seminars
    • Preparation of studies and reports


International Business: Doing Business Without Borders, co-authored with A.C. Foster, Kendall Hunt Publishing Co., 2014. Available here.

Author of DevelopTradeLaw blog on trade policy and issues of particular relevance to developing countries and to small businesses.

Would an EU-Mercosur Deal Bring Big Benefits? Latin America Advisor, March 19, 2018.

Our Food Smells Different: Insights for International Food TradersThe Network Journal, Spring 2017, p. 54.

In addition, Andrea’s writing has been featured in:

  • Policy briefs
  • Articles for association, business, and trade journals and newsletter
  • Newspaper articles
  • Legal articles


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