DevelopTradeLaw, LLC brings large law-firm expertise and experience to small corporations and start-up enterprises at an affordable and accessible price. We offer fee arrangements that provide an affordable investment for invaluable returns.


U.S. Customs & Import Laws: We advise and assist our clients in complying with the laws and regulations that the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agency oversees. We minimize the delays, fees, and possible penalties that can add to the cost of doing business.

U.S. Export Control Laws: We advise and assist clients to comply with US laws that regulate the export of dual-use goods and with US sanctions and anti-bribery laws, so they can avoid the punitive results of non-compliance.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Law: We advise and assist food importers and distributors on compliance with FDA laws and regulations to avoid product detentions and seizures.

U.S. Trademark Protection: We advise and assist clients with trademark, service mark, and certification mark registrations to protect their intellectual property in the United States.

Compliance Manuals: We develop customer-tailored compliance manuals to help our clients and their employees stay on the right side of U.S. import and export laws and other relevant trade regulations.

International Transactions: We support our clients with the tools they need to understand and operate internationally, including international contracts and white papers on a variety of international trade issues.