The firm provides support to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) by working with business support organizations (BSOs):

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Private Sector Organizations
  • Women Business Groups
  • Coalitions of Service Industries (CSIs)
  • Trade Support Associations 

We develop timely and accessible information, policy papers, and reports to keep SMEs informed about and prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally:

  • How do I comply with the regulations that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency oversees?
  • How do I minimize the delays, fees, and possible penalties that add to the cost of doing business?
  • What are free trade agreements and how can they benefit me?
  • How do I make sure that I do business with the ‘right’ persons in the ‘right’ country?
  • How do I get paid by my international partner?
  • What is “Doha” and what does it mean for me and my business?
  • What can I expect by way of trade policy from a new administration?
  • How do I do business in Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean?
  • How do I let my government know about issues that affect me?
  • What are new policies or programs to help small business do business internationally?

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The firm has developed the following articles/policy papers for BSOs:

  • The Economic Partnership Agreement With the European Union: Can EPA Bring Any Real Benefits for Caribbean Businesses?” Caribbean Maritime, No. 6 (2009), pp. 38-39.
  • “Changing U.S.-Caribbean Trade Relations,” Trade GatewayThe Newsletter of the (Jamaica) Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission, Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2008), p. 5.
  • “Regionalization: African and Caribbean Integration into the World Economy,” in Women in International Trade Newsletter, Fall 2004.
  • Small Economies in the FTAA,” in Women in International Trade Newsletter, Summer 2003.
  • “Taking Stock of Cancun,” Trade Brief 30, The (Caribbean) Briefing Room.
  • Article Series Written for the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce:
  1. The Role of the Private Sector and Consumers in Shaping Trade Policy, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, September 25, 2005
  2. Updates:  The WTO Doha Development Round & CAFTA, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, September 11, 2005
  3. Creating a Caribbean Single Economy, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, August 28, 2005
  4. Where is the CSME Now? The Jamaica Business Gleaner, August 15, 2005
  5. Caribbean Sugar Exports and European Union Agricultural Reform, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, July 31, 2005
  6. Jamaicain the World Trade Organization:  The DohaDevelopment Round, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, July 17, 2005
  7. Jamaicain the World Trade Organization, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, June 26, 2005
  8. Free Trade Area of the Americas: What Is It and Where Is It Going? The Jamaica Business Gleaner, June 12, 2005
  9. An Overview of Jamaica’s Multilateral Trade Relationships, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, May 29, 2005
  10. An Overview of Jamaica’s Bilateral Trade Agreement, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, May 15, 2005
  11. CSME:  Trade in Services, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, April 13, 2005
  12. CSME: Free Movement of Goods, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, March 9, 2005
  13. CSME:  Opportunities & Challenges, The Jamaica Business Gleaner, February 23, 2005
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