Natasha H Applewhite Esq

Natasha H. Applewhite, Esq.

Natasha H. Applewhite, Esq. has joined DevelopTradeLaw, LLC as Of Counsel Attorney.  Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Applewhite worked for 24 years with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in both the trade and penalties divisions.  Ms. Applewhite’s experience with CBP covered the classification and valuation of imported merchandise, free trade agreements, marking, country of origin, and all areas of import compliance.  During her time at CBP, Ms. Applewhite also developed knowledge about the complex legal issues associated with the successful importation into the United States of various commodities, most notably prepared foods, agriculture, alcohol, apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Ms. Applewhite brings to DevelopTradeLaw, LLC’s clients her years of experience and knowledge of import compliance matters as well as her insight into navigating and coordinating with other federal agencies to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations governing imports. She also offers her perspective as a former government employee responsible for ensuring compliance with US import regulations.