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The firm helps businesses comply with the regulations that the Customs and Border Protection agency oversees, minimizing the delays, fees, and possible penalties that add to the cost of doing business. Read more about our services for businesses.

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The firm works with governments to address trade-related issues, including the development of WTO-consistent trade and customs laws and regulations. Read more about our services for governments.

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The firm assists individuals in working with Customs and Border Protection agency and other relevant agencies to clarify misunderstandings, to get the name cleared in a case of mistaken identity, and to recover seized assets. Read more about our services for individuals.

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What Clients Say About Us

“Ms Ewart is very precise and articulate in her work. She assisted me on a project that involved importing products that are coming into the USA for the first time. She provided me with all the information I needed to proceed. I am currently working with her also on another international project which has been running smooth because of her competency and thoroughness. I recommend her anytime.”


“Greetings. I have know Ms. Ewart for sometime. She has been my lawyer and consultant for my newly formed business in USA. She is very patient, amiable, and forthright which helps me in gathering all the information I need. And her expertise and knowledge of the domain helps me make the right decisions. She is someone who is passionate about her work and her approach to work is more " karmic" than just a profession. All these makes her a very trustworthy reliable associate.”


“I am currently working with Ms. Ewart on an entry to market pharmaceutical venture. She is smart, capable and has a very thoughtful approach to her work. I would highly recommend her.”